It's Maxim's magic number: it represents 6 locations in 4 countries on 2 continents with 100% passion.

More than 1,400 employees in six facilities in Europe: Germany, France, Luxembourg and Colombia: Barranquilla and Bogotá develop and produce almost all types of products in the field of perfumery, facial and body care, hair care, dental care , oral hygiene and care products for men.

Fully equipped laboratories and highly qualified staff guarantee the innovative and sophisticated development of cosmetics.

Aldenhoven, Germany

Production of over-the-counter drugs, medical products and food supplements.

Echternach, Luxembourg

Production of personal care products.


Forbach, France

Development and production of aerosols.

Echternach, Luxembourg

Production of aluminium cans.


Berlin, Germany

R&D for decorative cosmetics



Pulheim, Germany

Development and production of personal care products and decorative cosmetics.

It is a Colombian-German company founded in May 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia, as the first non-affiliated European subsidiary to serve the North, Central and South American markets manufacturing Personal Care products (PRIVATE LABELING – OWN BRANDS).

It has a logistics network in Colombia and Panama, a production plant in Bogotá (built in 2007) and a second production plant in Barranquilla, (built in 2020).

The modern production facility, equipped with its own research and development laboratory, offers over-the-counter hair care, body care, bath and shower products, lotions, dental care and cosmetics. It is certified according to GMP, SMETA and FDA standards.

Since its foundation in 1980, the MAXIM group has developed into a highly productive and innovative manufacturer of own-brand and commercial-brand cosmetics.

We are different from other brand manufacturers. Because we are different? We focus on the dual demand of businesses and consumers. As pioneers in the field of own brands, we understand a commercial brand as a sophisticated brand and we turn functional products into ’emotional products’.

It was founded in 1997. Apart from the general sales list of pharmaceuticals, Pharma Aldenhoven produces a variety of dietary supplements and medical products that meet DIN ISO standards. All products undergo strict quality control based on EC ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ guidelines, which are largely identical to the WHO-GMP guidelines, which are enforced worldwide.

It has been part of the MAXIM group since November 2001 and complements the enormous capabilities of the MAXIM group in the field of cosmetics, especially shampoos, bath products, lotions and creams. In addition to manufacturing, Cosmolux International S.A. It has a storage area with 10,300 positions that is also qualified for dangerous goods such as aerosols and perfumes according to UN 1950 and UN 1266.

Founded in 2013. It offers customers a complete service in the field of cosmetics and its own brand. With innovative concepts for trademarks and private labels at competitive price levels. COSMOLUX DEUTSCHLAND GmbH offers all kinds of cosmetics for any type of business. In addition to health and beauty retailers, discount supermarket chains, full-range retailers and classic supermarkets, its customers also include wholesale markets and smaller trade partners.

It was founded in September 2013. It produces and bottles aerosol cans in Echternach. The key advantage for International Can is the vertical integration of production, as aluminum cans are produced and filled in one place. This represents a significant cost advantage in the production process, logistics and storage. The location is ideal as all important clients from Germany, France and Benelux can arrive within a few hours. The production capacity is about 120 million cans manufactured in three work shifts.

In France it is one of the most modern and largest aerosol producers in Europe. It is a specialist in products for the field of cosmetics: hair spray, shaving gel, deodorant, shower foam and special products such as spray water and air fresheners.

These are


MAXIM Markenprodukte has always stood for consistent quality, and not just when it comes to brand names. Of course, the different in-house brands also impress with their interesting formulas, high-quality components and attractive products that find loyal fans all over the world.

  • 01. VIVADERM
    01. VIVADERM



    We recognized the current trend towards sustainable products early on and founded our own natural cosmetics brand in 2012. What is mainstream today was still a niche product back then. With more than 40 products, the cosnature® brand covers all daily care and cleaning needs.


    90% Ingredients of natural origin Highly effective formulas with botanical extracts

  • 04. BABY HEART
    04. BABY HEART

    Almost everything in this world is as tender and worthy of protection as a baby's skin. In addition to a lot of love and protection, the baby needs special care, soft and that meet the high demands of young skin and are optimally adapted to its growth process. The best products are those that harness 'the power of nature' care, clean and protect the sensitive skin of the baby. The ingredients of high High-quality quality from plant extracts make it as natural as the newborn itself and contain proven soothing and protective properties.

  • 05. MIRO
    05. MIRO

    Founded in 1994, the constantly growing Miro perfume brand is synonymous with high quality. Admiration for the art and craft of traditional perfumery inspired the founders, more than 20 years ago, to create the brand. Miro Cosmetics represents a style fresh and elegant, being in tune with the times. With these products, the Miro Cosmetics brand greatly enriches the beauty market and translates fragrance trends into each product.





In addition to the advantage of European production advantage ‘Made in Germany’, ‘Made in France’, the production is carried out in strict compliance with the GMP guidelines for cosmetics, as well as the strict Guidelines for Safety at Work and Hygiene that They are subject to constant quality controls.



We question quality critically, because it is the only way a company can continuously develop products of the highest standard. Our clients love awards and we take pride when our clients are recognized. That is the impetus for our daily actions.